Bath Junkie

Bath Junkie

741 Hanover Place


Phone: (317) 805-1850

Melissa Farmer’s first experience at a Bath Junkie was in Nashville, TN and as soon as she stepped into the store she felt completely relaxed.

“A shopping experience should be fun and unique,” said Melissa. “My first time at a Bath Junkie was just that. The fact that I could pick my own scents for the products I wanted made it even more personalized.”

Each product from Bath Junkie’s wide selection—including phosphate-free bubble bath, paraben and mineral-oil free moisturizers, exfoliating salt scrub, spa tub-safe bath crystals, alcohol-free body mist, SLS-free shower gel, everywhere foaming body wash, hair conditioners, anti-bacterial hand wash and a full line of pet products—are custom-blended to their customers’ specifications right in the store.

Once at home and beginning to use the products, Melissa found that she loved them and started to order more online. There she found that Bath Junkie was a franchise which piqued her interest. Melissa had always thought of owning a business but never knew what kind of store she wanted to open. Melissa did her research and found that Bath Junkie was a perfect fit. With over 24 years of experience in marketing and her only son leaving for college, Melissa decided it was the best time to dip into the franchise.

“I got incredible comments about the products from family and friends on how much they enjoyed them and even better feedback about the franchise from other owners,” said Melissa. “I started to look around at store options and once finding Carmel City Center it seemed to all fall into place.”

Bath Junkie is the only location in the state of Indiana and first ever in the contiguous states.

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