Authentic Sports Collectibles

Authentic Sports Collectibles

Owner: Dominique Ball

Phone: (317) 554-9906

Authentic Sports Collectibles began as a baseball card store at the corner of 116th and Rangeline Road in Carmel in 2003. Since then, Dominique Ball has transformed the business into a wholesaling entity for sports collectibles including autographed photos and jerseys, dirt from stadiums and game-used items such as baseballs, bases and much more. For the past several years, Dominique has been supplying sports memorabilia to other retailers in the area and arranging signing events with famous sports figures at various locations. However, Dominique is looking forward to having his own retail presence again in his new store in Carmel City Center.

“I love hearing the stories of when someone first met their favorite player. It brings them such happiness. I enjoy creating those memories for people,” said Dominique.

For Dominique, these kinds of interactions make it all worthwhile. One of his favorite customer experiences happened at a recent signing with Pete Rose.

“This tough guy ended up in tears upon meeting Pete Rose and had Pete sign his arm. He said he was heading straight to the tattoo parlor to have it made permanent,” added Dominique.

One thing you’ll notice about Authentic Sports Collectibles are the affordable prices. His average item is in the $100-$200 range but he will stock merchandise that ranges from $3.50-$2,000.

“I believe in providing fair pricing to sports fans. I know what I need to make on the item to make a decent profit and I keep things affordable,” said Dominique.

He will carry everything from collectible pens and baseball cards to items such as bricks from old stadiums and locker room chairs from Notre Dame, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. He can even order a base from a recently attended professional baseball game.

According to Dominique, “Authentic Sports Collectibles caters to everyone. Even if you’re not a sports fan, I bet you know someone who is.”

Authentic Sports Collectibles is now open.

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